2 Fantastic Examples of Visualizing Sports Data

We are currently experiencing a glut of worldwide sports entertainment with the World Cup wrapping up this weekend, the 105th edition of Le Tour de France cycling race throughout the month of July, and the Wimbledon tennis championships all taking place simultaneously.

To help keep pace with every minute-by-minute development, we’ve found 2 excellent data visualization resources to satisfy your thirst for data:

For soccer (football) fans, the R package “ggsoccer” allows users to visualize & recreate goals by leveraging the power of the excellent “ggplot2” package. All the details are available in this blog post which also provides helpful code examples and walk-throughs.

Cycling enthusiasts already know there’s been a huge increase in the amount of race data available to armchair analysts over the past few years. Aided significantly by Dimension Data, an IT solutions company currently sponsoring one of the teams in this year’s Tour, real-time rider telemetry data is now being analyzed alongside stage profiles and live weather data for the first time. Dimension has also begun to experiment with predictive analytics ahead of each stage’s results and have packaged some very intriguing visualizations on a dedicated Twitter account, @letourdata.

These developments are certainly enriching the audience experience and can also serve as inspiration for non-sports related data analytics projects as well. We hope you enjoy these fun & informative data resources as much as we do!

If you’d like to learn more about BWF Insight or how analytics can improve your organization’s decision-making, check out the BWF Insight website or contact us today!

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