Python among 2017’s top programming languages

IEEE Spectrum, the IEEE’s magazine and website for engineering and applied sciences professionals, wrote last month about 2017’s Top Programming Languages. Data journalist Nick Diakopolous combined 12 metrics from ten online sources to rank 48 programming languages in an interactive online format.

The biggest finding? Python jumped to the top spot this year, after having steadily risen through the ranks. IEEE Spectrum notes that the other top 4 contenders (C, Java, and C++) all remain very close in popularity, though Python seems much more common among fundraising analytics professionals.

(Click here to see other trends in analytics methodology, applications, and tools popular with today’s analysts, according to BWF’s 8th annual survey of the fundraising analytics community).

Also notable from the analysis of programming languages currently in high demand and usage: no new languages have entered the rankings for the second year in a row.

This may indicate that Diakopoulos’s analysis suggests we’ve entered “a period of consolidation in coding as programmers digest the tools created to cater to the explosion of cloud, mobile, and big data applications.”

The full interactive list of 48 programming languages can be found here and can be sorted by various types, functions, and applications. Be sure to take a look to see how your favorite language stacks up, and whether there are any new or unfamiliar names on the list.

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